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The harvest is online but the laborers are offline. In our post-modern world inundated by information, authors need to master the art of effectively reaching their virtual audiences. A social media account and a strong internet connection are not enough. We’ll explore how to maximize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your particular audiences to create impact. This webinar will equip authors to build a more powerful online presence.

Ernest Wamboye and his wife are the founders of The Relationship Centre Ltd, a Christian organization that seeks to restore and promote biblical family values in contemporary urban communities through Powerhouse—a Bible-based men’s pornography addiction recovery program; Dating Clinic—a premarital class; Boy Meets Girl—a quarterly forum for singles; and The Relationship Centre Podcast (available on Soundcloud.com). Ernest has garnered three national accolades for his writing on his award-winning blog, Pen Strokes. He is the author of four books: The Human Temple, a novel; Lust and the City, a guide on sexual purity; Holy Joe, a pocket handbook on sexual purity; and Baesics, a guide on setting the right foundations to marry well. You can follow Ernest @ewamboye.

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Apr 14 2020


08:00 AM

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