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“MAI is the leading provider of training for Christian publishers around the world.” – Mark Taylor, Tyndale House Publishers, USA

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Keys to Publishing a Youth Magazine

27th February 2018
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March 3

South Africa
Christian Writing Fair hosted by Rosebank Union Church near Johannesburg

March 5-8

Chicago area, US
MAI staff participate in the “Africa Speaks” conference on African Christian publishing

About MAI-Media Associates International

Imagine this. . . You go to your local bookstore and begin to browse, but something is wrong.

The titles sound odd. You begin to read and the situations described in the books are hard to understand-they're from another country. None of the books are written by local authors, people who know and understand the culture you live in and the issues you face.

That's what happens time after time throughout Asia, Africa, East/Central Europe, and Latin America. In many countries, fewer than 10 percent of Christian materials on the shelves in Christian bookstores are from local writers. Readers are searching for something that speaks to their lives, their needs and their joys. But it's not there.

Since our founding in 1985, MAI has been equipping local Christians:






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