The Writers Network: How to grow authentic and enriching relationships that boost your writing career for life

Bestselling authors Tricia Goyer and Cindy Coloma share their insights into how to build a network of writers and industry professionals in an authentic way that will support and boost your writing career for decades to come. Where do you find such relationships, and how do you nurture them to not only add value to your career but to your personal and spiritual life as well?

They will share about how their network of friends and colleagues has influenced their writing projects and professional tracks beyond books and into new storytelling mediums such as speaking and podcasting (for Tricia), the tech world (for Cindy), as well as TV and film (both in different contexts).

They’ll also share their own 32-year journey as friends, critique partners, writers conference roommates, speakers, research partners (going to Europe and WWII veteran reunions together) and other professional collaborations. Don’t miss this enjoyable conversation and discover the hidden value and impact of the writers already in your life and those to come.

Tricia Goyer is author of more than 80 books and writes both fiction and nonfiction related to family and parenting. This USA Today best-selling author has also won a two Carol Awards and a Retailer’s Best Award. She was also an ECPA Silver Medallion winner and a Christy Award nominee.

Tricia is beloved author of World War Two fiction, as well having written the bestselling Big Sky and Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Amish series. She has spoken at events such as MomCon, Raising Generations, and Teach Them Diligently and is host of the podcast The Tricia Goyer Show. Tricia loves teaching others how to write and get published through WriteThatBook.Club.

A homeschooling mom of ten, including seven by adoption, Tricia is also a grandmother to many and wife to John. With a busy life she understands the importance of making every word count.

Cindy Coloma (has written under Cindy McCormick Martinusen) is a bestselling author with over 25 published books of fiction and nonfiction and also works as as executive communications manager for the Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft. As a co-author, Cindy has worked on projects with celebrities, musicians, non-profits, politicians, government officials, and a former KGB spy. She is a member of MAI International Board. Cindy and her family live in the Pacific Northwest.


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