How to Edit Your Own Manuscript

Just as it is dangerous to call your first draft “finished,” jumping into revising your work right away can hinder your creative juices. Learn how to improve your writing and increase your chances of getting published, while gaining confidence in knowing when to submit your manuscript to editors and publishers. You’ll gain key pointers in this webinar, such as:

  • First thing’s first—just write, edit later
  • Remember your audience: God, reader, editor, publisher

Chia Poh Fang is the Director of English Content Development in the Singapore office of Our Daily Bread Ministries. She has worked with numerous international authors to publish their books and devotionals, which cover a wide range of audiences from children to seniors, from a person young in the faith to a mature believer. She is a regular contributor to the Our Daily Bread devotional and is passionate about making the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.

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