Singapore to Host World Conference of Christian Publishing: LittWorld 2018

MAI is pleased to announce LittWorld 2018 will again take place in Singapore, October 28 to November 2, 2018. “The world of publishing is changing, but the one constant is the need for excellent content,” MAI President John Maust said.  “At LittWorld 2018, global publishers and writers will look at fresh new ways to help today’s readers see and apply the power of the Bible in their everyday lives and to know the Word made flesh.”

Announcing winners of the LittWorld 2018 writing contest


“I was very encouraged meeting people from all over the world who are passionate about communicating the Good News and who are involved in publishing/distribution.”

LittWorld plays a unique role in the training and encouragement of Christian publishers, editors and authors around the world. Men and women from 94 countries have participated in the triennial conference since it began in 1986. Nearly 280 publishing staff from 51 countries attended the most recent LittWorld conference in Singapore in 2015.

We invite you to LittWorld 2018 in Singapore

Your effectiveness as a Christian publisher or writer will increase significantly as a result of participating in LittWorld 2018.  You will gain fresh skills and knowledge to succeed and survive in the fast-changing world of publishing and communications.  And you will get connected to a caring, global publishing community for continued learning, support, encouragement and prayer.