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Pray for MAI

China: Easing of Pressures The Chinese government is tightening pressure on Christian activity. Pray for increased religious freedom in China, and for protection and wisdom for MAI publishing and writing colleagues in the country. (See BBC article on church crackdown) Africa: “Mini-LittWorld” Pray for God’s leading in preparations for a continent-wide training conference for Christian

A Prayer for Writers & Publishers

Join us in this prayer for creating words of hope and healing in 2019: “Lord of all things, whose wondrous gifts to us Include the shining symbols known as words, Grant that we may use their mighty power Only for God. Help us pass on Small fragments of Your wisdom, truth and love, Teach us
Robert Solomon is intimately familiar with the struggle to discern God’s calling. The author and Bishop Emeritus of the Methodist Church in Singapore calls himself a doctor-pastor, having followed the Lord on a winding journey through medicine and pastoral ministry. In secondary school, Robert earnestly sought the Lord’s will for his future university studies. Robert

I was tempted to cut it down…

By John Maust, MAI President About 15 years ago I gave my wife, Elsa, a pink dogwood tree for Mother’s Day. The kids and I planted the tiny tree in the front yard and waited impatiently for gorgeous flowers to bloom. One year passed, then two, then three. Still no flowers. We wondered if the

Democratic Republic of Congo

In late August, Anglican minister Etienne M. wrote us,  “Beni has been a theater of killing; 50 people were killed by machetes last Saturday. The whole week has been of mourning.” Pray that God will stop the barbaric rebel violence and restore order around the city of Beni in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Etienne’s
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