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LittWorld 2018 Scholarship Candidates

Atsuko Tateishi, Japan

Atsuko is a freelance translator and interpreter who also works part-time for both the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association and the Japan Lausanne Committee. She has helped translate these books and articles: God's Healing for Hurting Familiesby David L. Thompson, “The Cape Town Commitment,” Mission of Godby Christopher Wright (co-translation), “Christian Witness Amidst Disaster in Japan” by Shoichi Konda; English editor: Gary Bauman. Atsuko has served as associate editor of Japan Update, a publication of Japan Evangelical Association since 2003. She is also news translator and advertisement manager of Japan Harvest, by Japan Evangelical Missionary Association. Atsuko serves as leader of a house church that meets in her apartment. She would like to write essays on the Bible that would appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. At LittWorld she hopes to learn principles of good writing and the basics of the publishing business.

Palitha Jayasooriya, Sri Lanka

Pastor Palitha is executive pastor of People’s Church, a large Assembly of God Church. He has been writing and publishing sermons and devotionals online for the last three years. His writing has appeared on his blog, The Preaching Platform,,,, YouVersion and on His devotional booklet, Christmas Reflections, is available as an e-book on Amazon. Watch this video of Pastor Palithapreaching. Pastor Palitha hopes to help make quality reading and teaching resources available to Christians freely in the Sinhala/Tamil languages and to train local writers.  “At LittWorld I would like to learn how to become a better writer and to receive training that I could implement in Sri Lanka,” he wrote.

Jason Turyahabwa, Uganda

Jason works for Bishop Tucker School of Divinity & Theology at Uganda Christian University. He is an active member of Uganda Faith Writers Association (UFWA)and helped write its first two published books, Above the Storm: Stories of courage and Hope, and The Precious Gift: An insight into Uganda’s National Anthe, both by Quiet Garden Publishers (2016). Jason has also participated in writing a book on refugees in Uganda sponsored by United Nations High Commission for Refugees. He is the sole author of The Confession of a Father as a Single Parent.An active member of his church, Jason has served as a church warden, chairman of development & planning, head of laity, chairman of brethren fellowship, and is a member of the church choir. He hopes to glean skills in writing and marketing at LittWorld which he can share with fellow members of UFWA.

Michellan Allagao, Philippines

Michellan has been acquisitions and book editor for OMF Literature, Inc., one of the largest Christian publishing houses in the Philippines, since joining it last year. She has authored various articles and edited reports, manuals and various non-fiction and inspirational books. In addition, she authored a collection of her poetryand leads workshops for high school students on creative writing and editing. Her poem, “Scales,” was published this year by The Manila Times, raising awareness of the online sexual exploitation of children. Watch Michellen read a poem last year as a guest on a national TV/radio show(32:00-36:15). She wants “to help develop more excellent Filipino Christian writers and produce good-quality literature that is accessible, relevant, and upholds Christ and Christian ideals, for a wider range of Filipino audiences.”

Katavo Jean-Pasteur Kahindo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Pastor Katavo trains and equips local church leaders as the Christian education officer for one of the largest denominations in the DRC,  the Baptist Church in Central Africa. He has written and/or coauthored six books: The Strategy of Small Groups in Church, A Guide for the Self-evaluation of the Church, Towards a New Paradigm of Ministry, a Book of Songsfor School Chaplaincy, Children’s Ministry: How to Strengthen the Ministry Foundations and to Raise our Children in Christ, and Building a Strong Chaplaincy Ministry. For the last five years, Pastor Katavo has been mobilizing local churches to build libraries and counseling centers.He also hopes to train and mentor potential publishers, writers and graphic designers to produce low-cost materials for Church growth and discipleship. At LittWorld Pastor Katavo wants to find inexpensive, quality printing houses in Asia. And “I need to learn how to write tracts, booklets and books that help win more people to the Lord,” he wrote.

Renata Cavalcanti, Brazil

Renata works for Ministério Fiel, where she manages the publishing of Christian books for women and children in Portuguese. She is experienced in coordinating the publishing process, supervising translation, reviewing it and printing books written by women authors, mostly from the USA. Renata also speaks at women’s conferences to nurture their faith. She says, “One of my greatest challenges today is to develop Brazilian women writers.” She  would like to train women who already blog and invest in Christians who don’t write yet, but have great potential. Renata says, “Here in Brazil we have many churches with very poor theology, and people who affirm to be Christian but don’t have a sound doctrine of the real Gospel.”

Mercy Twikyirize, Uganda

Mercy serves as a volunteer administrator for Hope for New Life Ministries, a ministry that shelters some 150 orphans. “I started writing poems at the age of 15 as a way of sharing my feelings after the death of my parents,” she says. Mercy is a longtime member of the Uganda Faith Writers Association and contributed to its first two published books, Above the Stormand Insight in Uganda National Anthem. She also serves as editor of her church’s weekly newsletter. Mercy’s dream is to create a Christian bookstore and library, to “empower local people to appreciate reading.” At LittWorld, Mercy believes “interacting with some of the world's best writers will be a great opportunity for me to learn, see how they do it in their country and thus move far in my writing passion.” Read her article, “God amazes me,” on our website.

Dominica Kinoti, Kenya

Dominica is an author, editor and speaker who is passionate about developing young Christian leaders. She has trained young adults in strategy, public speaking and practical leadership at various workshops. Dominica’s articles have appeared in Leadership Today Africa, “Her Leadership” blogsite and “Salt Café” (her personal blogsite). She co-authored the training manual, “Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Leaders.” Dominica dreams of equipping tech-savvy young adults to become influential African leaders. “I envision placing high quality, interactive publications in their view,” she says. At LittWorld Dominica hopes to learn how to create interactive learning tools, and audiobooks and podcasts. Enjoy this video interview of Dominica on "embracing change" as a guest on “Her Leadership.”

Hazel Salariosa Alviz, Philippines

Hazel is a writer/broadcaster for the Far East Broadcasting Company. There she produces and reads the 30-minute morning news, and produces hourly news updates for Manila and regional stations. Hazel also used to produce daily editorial commentaries for the program “Oras na Pilipinas” (The Time is Now, Philippines). She has served as a journalist for various national newspapers and magazines. Hazel is former communications manager for the Philippine Bible Society. She is also a content writer for an online business magazine for Christians. In Hazel’s church, she has served as a president of the women’s ministry. At LittWorld, “I would like to learn how to engage more of our people to read, especially materials that can lead them to faith. The challenge, however, is how to use the attraction and strengths of social media for print so that we can interest and reach more readers.”

Renata Gandolfo, Brazil

Renata is a writer for Ministério Fiel, where she writes for its blog, “Voltemos ao Evangelho” (Returning to the Gospel). She also cultivates other female contributors to the blog. Renata has written multiple articles for Brazilian Christian woman on marriage, homosexuality, infertility, counseling, motherhood, depression, etc. She speaks at women’s conferences to nurture their faith (see this video). At LittWorld, she would like to gain more writing skills and learn how to help train Brazilian women to write. Renata is a member of Igreja Batista da Graça in São Paulo, where she is involved in women’s discipleship and counseling. Read her article, "When there is no prayer."

Keila Ochoa Harris

Keila Ochoa Harris is a wife of one, a mother of two, and a teacher of about 80 middle schoolers. She teaches Bible in an international school and loves writing. She has published more than 16 books in Spanish, including children books, devotionals, inspiration for women and fiction. She loves fiction more than anything else, and loves inhabiting the past, the present and fantasy worlds.

Tiurma Ida Purba, Indonesia

Tiurma is founder of Rumah Belajar Bekasi, a nonprofit that offers tutoring to underprivileged Indonesian children.  She organizes activities such as handwashing lessons and the distribution of free medication, school supplies and basic foods. Previously Tiurma worked as a writer for Cahaya Bagi Negeri, part of the Christian Broadcasting Network. In her church, she serves on the worship team as a dancer. At LittWorld Tiur wants to learn how to produce children books and gain skills in publishing management. A few months after attending LittWorld 2015, Tiur launched her autobiographical book 0.1 Hectares School. She and co-author Ariska Amir describe Tiur’s childhood, attending a neighborhood school with crumbling walls, and her vision and work to educate village children. Tiur attributes LittWorld 2015 with equipping her in publishing, plus enabling her to lead her non-profit.

Lynnie Leal, Philippines

Lynnie is a marketing specialist at OMF Literature, a large Christian publishing house in the Philippines. During her 14 years there, she has developed creative events for showcasing OMF products, including two large women’s conferences with celebrities and Christian authors, an annual book fair and author tours. In her church, Lynnie serves at the first timers’ table every Sunday, welcoming guests. She hopes “LittWorld will help me experience exponential growth in addressing the needs of our markets in the Philippines. Some of which are: to bring back the love of reading to the younger generation, new and creative ways to reach the market place and how to be more relevant in this ever-changing world.”

Maggie Gathuku, Kenya

Maggie has been the editor of Timazi Magazine, Kenya’s only Christian magazine for high school students, since 2009. She does developmental editing and writes articles to help students grasp biblical teaching on current issues. “We seek to see as many students have access to as much wholesome Christian literature as possible,” she says. Currently Timazi Magazineis read in 346 high schools across Kenya. Its annual “Readership Challenge” encourages students to read a particular Christian book and participate in an essay-writing contest. Maggie has also authored a courtship discipleship manual for campus students called Romance 101that is currently being used for discipleship in six Kenyan universities. She and her husband, John, recently led an MAI webinar, “Keys to Developing a Youth Magazine.” At LittWorld, Maggie hopes to learn how to develop a sustainable, locally-funded business model for the magazine’s ongoing success. Read a recent issue of Timazi online

Kingston Ogango, Kenya

Kingston serves as the head of East Africa for Alpha International. As such he leads the national Alpha offices for Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, empowering churches to run Alpha courses and assisting with fundraising. Prior to Alpha, Kingston was Head of Media for Hope FM radio station, the number one Christian station in Kenya, and Hope TV station, both ministries of his local church, CITAM Valley Road. He also hosted a radio program for men, “Gatekeepers,” for which he wrote articles on numerous topics. Kingston and his wife served as church youth leaders until last year. At LittWorld he would like to learn “how to create quality Christian content from other successful writers and designers.” Kingston hopes to write a book in the next 18 months, so skills in writing and producing a good book will equip him. Watch Kingston speak on "Embracing Mentorship."

Alex Erdélyi, Slovak Republic

Alex is the owner and manager of CreativPress, a Christian publishing house in Bratislava, Slovakia. For the last 27 years he has led and managed this independent evangelical publishing house. Alexander also served as national director of the Bible Society- Slovakia for 15 years. Prior to the collapse of the Iron Curtain, he spent 25 years underground, leading evangelical publishing and book distribution in Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe in cooperation with various Christian missions, including OM, Open Doors and Lich in Osten. At LittWorld he hopes “to gain fresh vision for global Christian publishing in consultation with top professionals.” Alexander wants to reach a new generation of readers, sharpen skills, and find partners for collaborating across borders at LittWorld 2018.

Budhianto Marpaung, Indonesia

Budhianto is a journalist for Cahaya Bagi Negeri, a part of the Christian Broadcasting Network. There he writes content for the website. Budhianto also manages content for JC Channel, a CBN Indonesia Channel on Youtube. He is a volunteer instructor in an afterschool tutoring program for underprivileged children, Rumah Belajar Bekasi, which his wife founded. In his church, Budhianto plays bass on the worship team. He is concerned with “how to reach and disciple the ‘Google Generation’ (kids and teens).” Budhianto’s vision for Christian publishing and writing is “to influence many people, believers and non-believers.”

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