LittWorld 2022 will offer more than 40 workshops led by seasoned international professionals. These workshops will be practical and “how-to” in nature, including ample time for questions and discussion. Current workshops (with more to be added in the coming weeks) include:

Publishing Leadership

  • Pursuing a Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Exercising Intentionality in Staying Fresh, Relevant and Effective as a Publisher  
    Jeff Crosby, president and chief executive officer of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), USA 
  • From First Book to Balanced Books: Building a Self-Sustaining Christian Publishing Company  
    Tim Thornborough, publishing director, The Good Book Company, UK
  • Beyond Paper and Print: Developing Your Digital Strategy 
    Carlo Carrenho, publishing consultant, Sweden/Brazil
  • Putting Your Digital Strategy to Work: Practical Ways to Publish Your Content in All Digital Formats.  
    Juan Triviño, director, Ediciones Noufront, Spain
  • Publishing Within Your Means for Maximum Impact
    Ramon Rocha III, MAI Director of Publisher Development, USA/Philippines
  • New Ways to Reach the General Market 
    Mark Carpenter, chairman and CEO, Mundo Cristão publishing house, Brazil

Marketing and Sales

  • “Open-Handed” Content Marketing 
    Anthony Gosling, chief operating officer and associate publisher, Crossway, USA
  • Thinking Outside the Bookstore:  Selling Direct to Consumers  
    Gladys Calalang-Doronilla, publisher, OMF Literature, Philippines;  Andrey Kravchenko, Ezdra Publishing, Ukraine

Publishing in Multiple Formats

  • The Why and How of Podcasting  
    Tim Thornborough, publishing director, The Good Book Company, UK
  • Digitizing Content for Ebooks and Online Publications 
    Sam K. Nyarko-Mensah, Step Publishers, Ghana
  • Screenwriting Bootcamp 
    Zágoni Balázs, author and professor, Romania  
  • Writing script for comics and graphic novels  
    José Carlos Gutiérrez Martinez, graphic designer and illustrator, Mexico


  • Maypoles, Stepping Stones and Platypuses:  Introductory Steps in Developmental Editing  
    Owen Salter, editor, Australia
  • Editing with the Business of Publishing in Mind 
    Andy Rogers, acquisitions editor, Harper-Collins Christian Publishing, USA
  • Editor: Manage Yourself 
    Beng Alba-Jones, Philippines/USA
  • What Do Writers Expect from Editors, and How Can Editors Meet and Manage Expectations? 
    Yna Reyes, publishing and communications director, OMF Literature, Philippines
  • Working with a Translator and Editing Translations 
    Olga Lukmanova, author and translator, Russia
  • How to Succeed as a Freelance Editor   
    Jeanette Windle, USA, and Beng Alba-Jones, Philippines/USA
  • Tales from the Editorial Frontline 
    Panel discussion on challenges that editors face and overcome

Writing Non-Fiction

  • A Story to Tell: Writing the True-Life Experience Title 
    Jeanette Windle, author and editor, USA
  • The Essential Elements of a Book Proposal   
    Andy Rogers, acquisitions editor, Harper-Collins Christian Publishing, USA
  • Writing the Collaborative “as-told-to” Story
  • Which Path to Publication is Right for You? Self-publishing, Hybrid or Traditional Publishing 
    Panel discussion. 

Writing Fiction

  • How to Build Characters with Dynamic Traits  
    Zágoni Balázs, author, Romania  
  • Moving the story forward with dialogue, plot tension and three-dimensionality   
    Davis Bunn, author, UK/US
  • Structuring an Overview  and Writing the First Draft 
    Davis Bunn, author, UK/US
  • Creating Engaging Characters for Children’s Books 
    Janet Wilson, author and publisher, Dernier Publishing, UK   

More Workshop Topics

  • Visual Storytelling Using Digital Technologies 
    José Carlos Gutiérrez Martinez, Mexico
  • Spiritual Friendship for Christian Communicators 
    Soo Inn Tan and Bernice Lee, Graceworks, Singapore 
  • Good Design Starts with Good Words: Ways for Editors and Designers to Work Together


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