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Participants will be able to select from any of these workshops rather than stay in one track. Plenary sessions will include simultaneous French translation.

LittAfrica Workshop Topics (more workshops will be added)

Best Practices in New Title Planning and Implementation
New titles are a must for a thriving publishing house. How do you determine which titles might have bestselling potential for you, and which might be duds? Join us for practical tools and tips to help you develop, select and evaluate strong titles to increase their chance of becoming profitable, steady sellers.

How to Organize, Build and Lead your Publishing House toward Financial Sustainability in Rapidly Changing Times
Learn the best way to organize and structure your publishing house, while being agile yet focused on financial and ministry growth.

Publishing Finance 101
Learn the basics of keeping your publishing financially afloat, preparing and analyzing financial statements, cash flow, and other tools so you will not always be in cash-crisis mode.

More workshops may be added

Marketing Strategy 1 
Why do we communicate? What are we really trying to say? Who are we talking to? These foundational questions need to be answered before any marketing activities take place.  In the first session of a two-part workshop, we will focus on marketing objectives, key messages and target audiences. This workshop is informative yet practical, offering templates and exercises for participants to apply to their own situations.

Marketing Strategy 2
Now that we’ve covered the why, what and who, the second half of the workshop looks at the where and how. The channels we utilize and the content we deliver need to be considered intentionally. We discuss various communications channels, content do’s and don’ts, and how to integrate it all in a strategic manner to make the most of our efforts.  We also explore how to develop and execute a social-media strategy that produces loyal fans.

Building Your Author Platform
Whether or not you publish a book yourself, you will be responsible to help market and promote it.  How do you build a strong and wide author platform to make your book known and accessible to readers?

How to Launch and Maintain an Attractive and Engaging Website
In the digital age, an excellent website is still an effective marketing tool. It is the base where your readers search and learn about your books. What are the qualities of an attractive and engaging website that generates interest and sales?

Publishing and Distribution in the Digital Age: Trends, Tools and Technologies for Leaders
Rapid changes in technology have dramatically revolutionized book publishing, making it potentially faster, more cost-effective and far-reaching. Learn the trends and receive tools for publishing in the digital age.

Win the Inventory Battle through POD and Short-Run Printing
Is zero or near-zero print inventory possible? Yes, through print-on-demand and short-run printing.  How do you actually make print-on-demand technology work for you? Which suppliers give you the best deal? Where do you find them?

More workshops to be added

Attracting and Nurturing the Local Authors You Want
In a country where books by Westerners sell well, a publisher with limited resources may  hesitate to publish local writers. How can a Christian publisher turn the tide from primarily Western titles to excellent, locally authored ones? Where does a Christian publisher begin to attract and nurture local authors, and what does it take to stay financially viable over the long haul?

How to Make a Manuscript Shine
Learn the art of evaluating and editing a manuscript that shines in clarity and expression and connects meaningfully with the intended reader.

More workshops to be added

Traditional Vs. Self-Publishing
We use case studies to explore traditional publishing, self-publishing and custom publishing, plus the advantages and drawbacks to each. Because control has shifted from publishers to authors in recent years, we discuss: how to decide which approach to take for your next project, the secret to success no matter which publishing option you choose, plus the costs and benefits of each option (in time, money and opportunity).

Writing for Children
Children's books have the power to reach both adults and children when written well. Picture books with local content can connect with local readers even more meaningfully as readers can relate to the local settings.  This workshop shares book writing tips and ideas to help you start telling your God-stories.

More workshops to be added

How to Design Covers that Sell Books
Good design begins with words and ideas and is, therefore, the responsibility of both editors and designers. In this workshop, learn how to create covers that sell. Participants are asked to bring current projects or design challenges.

First Steps in Designing Comics and Graphic Novels
Comics are the world’s most widely read form of popular literature.  Three global experts share valuable “visual storytelling” techniques and help you develop a strategy for creating “homegrown” comics for evangelism and discipleship.

How to Brief an Illustrator
In this workshop for editors and designers, you learn how to instruct illustrators. The workshop studies existing books to explore how words and text can complement each other.  Participants use a manuscript for a children’s book to create a brief for an illustrator.

More workshops may be added

Living in Rhythm for Health and Ministry - Wambura Kimunyu
Too often gifted leaders “melt down” in the stress and pressures of their work. How can we as busy Christian publishing staff and writers be fruitful in our work while still keeping the proper balance in life and avoiding burnout? In this session you gain guidelines to live by and rhythms that enhance spiritual and emotional health so that you may minister effectively. 

Publishing in a Hostile Environment  Panel Discussion
Drawing on case studies and discussion, you will explore ways to make a spiritual impact through publishing even in countries where Christian activity is restricted or opposed.

More workshops may be added

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