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Participants will be able to select from any of these workshops rather than stay in one track. Plenary sessions will include simultaneous French translation.

LittAfrica Workshop Topics (more workshops will be added)

How to Plan for Bestselling Titles,  Georges Late
New titles are a must for a thriving publishing house. How do you determine which titles might have bestselling potential for you, and which might be duds? Join us for practical tools and tips to help you develop, select and evaluate strong titles to increase their chance of becoming profitable, steady sellers.

Publishing Finance 101
Learn the basics of keeping your publishing financially afloat, preparing and analyzing financial statements, cash flow, and other tools so you will not always be in cash-crisis mode.

The Christian Publisher as Transformational Leader, Barine Kirimi
Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social systems. It enhances the motivation, morale and performance of followers. The Christian publisher believes in the power of the written word to change lives. How can you as a Christian publisher model transformational leadership that creates valuable and positive change, ultimately developing followers into leaders and transforming lives?

Serving Readers and Serving a Nation:  From Magazine to Multifaceted Ministry (given in French),  Joanna Ilboudo

More workshops may be added

Marketing Strategy 1,  Rose Birenge and Kenneth Asamoah
Why do we communicate? What are we really trying to say? Who are we talking to? These foundational questions need to be answered before any marketing activities take place.  In the first session of a two-part workshop, we will focus on marketing objectives, key messages and target audiences. This workshop is informative yet practical, offering templates and exercises for participants to apply to their own situations.

Marketing Strategy 2,  Rose Birenge and Kenneth Asamoah
Now that we’ve covered the why, what and who, the second half of the workshop looks at the where and how. The channels we utilize and the content we deliver need to be considered intentionally. We discuss various communications channels, content do’s and don’ts, and how to integrate it all in a strategic manner to make the most of our efforts.  We also explore how to develop and execute a social-media strategy that produces loyal fans.

Building Your Author Platform, Jennifer Karina
Whether or not you publish a book yourself, you will be responsible to help market and promote it.  How do you build a strong and wide author platform to make your book known and accessible to readers? How do you launch it globally to increase influence, impact and profitability? We’ll explore both questions.

Building a Community of Readers, Lara Odebiyi

Publishing and Distribution in the Digital Age: Trends, Tools and Technologies for Leaders
Rapid changes in technology have dramatically revolutionized book publishing, making it potentially faster, more cost-effective and far-reaching. Learn the trends and receive tools for publishing in the digital age.

Win the Inventory Battle through POD and Short-Run Printing, Buma Kor and Ramon Rocha
Is zero or near-zero print inventory possible? Yes, through print-on-demand and short-run printing.  How do you actually make print-on-demand technology work for you? Which suppliers give you the best deal? Where do you find them?

Finding Your Comfort Zone in Digital Publishing, Barine Kirimi
Do you feel like you are too comfortable with your publishing and distribution? Does the thought of digital publishing cause discomfort and anxiety because you are not sure where to begin and how to go about it? This workshop will guide you to find a happy medium between your comfort zone and the opportunities and avenues for digital publishing in your context.

Digitizing Content for E-books, Sam Nyarko-Mensah
E-book publishing has become a key paradigm in the publishing scene. It has expanded the market reach of many publishing businesses, enabling them to publish and trade across borders easily.

In this practical workshop, you will learn techniques involved in converting text into various e-book formats, such as epub and  mobi, for different online platforms and e-reading devices. We will look at digital publishing/authoring tools and software that enable you to create e-books.

More workshops to be added

Working with the Writer: How to build a healthy editor/author relationship, Agatha Akonor-Mills

How to Make a Manuscript Shine, Ohui Allotey and Hannah Rasmussen 
Learn the art of evaluating and editing a manuscript that shines in clarity and expression and connects meaningfully with the intended reader.

Equipping Leaders to Write, Pusonnam Yiri
A leader is a person who offers direction. The best people to write books on editing are the editors. Publishers will write fresh and better books on publishing. Pastors will write better on pastoral ministry. All of them are leaders.

There is a huge connection between leadership and book writing. All emerge from what a person knows.  If we want fresh and unique books, then leaders should be equipped and persuaded to write their stories and lessons from their leadership experiences.

Developing a Multi-Author Resource, Gift Machinga

More workshops to be added

The Power of Story:  Storytelling Techniques for Fiction and Non-Fiction, Joan Campbell
Africa’s heart beats with stories. Told around fires and passed down from generation to generation, stories captivate and enthral, warn and teach. Harness this power of storytelling in your writing, whether fiction, biography, devotional or teaching material. Learn techniques such as using sensory details, bringing characters to life, creating suspense and crafting memorable endings. These, and other storytelling skills, will ensure you capture not only the minds but the hearts of your readers.

Writing the Graphic Novel (in French), Ivanova Nona Fotso
Comics are the world's most widely read form of popular literature. In this workshop, participants will gain an overview of the process of creating comics. The current project of the first Graphic Novel Bible written and illustrated by African Christian artists will serve as a case study to explore: scenario writing, historical research for accuracy, and effective collaboration between writers and artists. We’ll look at how these elements combine to create a graphic novel Bible for African young people that can transform lives.

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing (in French), Stella Okoronkwo

Writing for Social Media, Ernest Wamboye
The harvest is online but the laborers are offline. In our post-modern world inundated by information, authors need to master the art of effectively reaching their virtual audiences. A social media account and a strong Internet connection is not enough. We’ll explore how to maximize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your particular audiences in order to create impact. This workshop intends to equip authors to build a more powerful online presence.

Encouragement for Potential Authors (in French), Solomon Andria
Do you doubt whether you are smart or technically good enough to write a book? This workshop for potential authors aims to encourage participants to write and publish. We’ll explore the following questions: How can I share my heart with others in writing? How do I start? How do I write a text of high quality? What process or method is best? How can I dialogue and learn from others? By the end of this workshop, you’ll develop a clear writing project by choosing a theme, topic or title, and creating a timeline. You’ll turn your dreams into concrete action steps.

Paths to Writing for Publication, Jennifer Karina and Pusonnam Yiri
Self and traditional publishing are like two states in one country; each requires a different road to reach it. This workshop looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both paths to publishing and provides you with criteria to decide which will work best for your manuscript and intended audience.

Designing Covers and Content That Sell, Kingston Ogango
Good design begins with words and ideas and is, therefore, the responsibility of both editors and designers. In this workshop, learn how to create covers that sell. We’ll look at document setup, composition and layout, illustration, typography essentials, and printing. You’ll learn about understanding your audience, design essentials, the anatomy and types of book covers, the psychology of colors, and more. Participants are asked to bring current projects or design challenges.

How to Brief an Illustrator, Kingston Ogango
In this workshop for editors and designers, you learn how to instruct illustrators to achieve the best possible product. We’ll explore how to: understand your brand and your audience, write a good brief, find the right book illustrator, and other considerations.

More workshops may be added

Living in Rhythm for Health and Ministry - Wambura Kimunyu
Too often gifted leaders “melt down” in the stress and pressures of their work. How can we as busy Christian publishing staff and writers be fruitful in our work while still keeping the proper balance in life and avoiding burnout? In this session you gain guidelines to live by and rhythms that enhance spiritual and emotional health so that you may minister effectively. 

Publishing Hope for Hurting Readers, Panel Discussion
Drawing on case studies and discussion, we will explore ways to make a spiritual impact through publishing even in countries where Christian activity is restricted or opposed.

More workshops may be added

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