Revisiting Digital Publishing Options

Although print continues to be the preferred mode of content consumption, digital publishing is steadily gaining ground. Ebooks and audiobooks are expected to gain increasing popularity as technology, reading and listening habits change. Are you ready to go deeper into digital publishing? Consider your options and learn from two digital publishing experts.

Carlo Carrenho is a publishing consultant and journalist from Brazil who lives in Sweden. He is a founder of PublishNews, a daily electronic newsletter in Spanish and Portuguese. As a book trade specialist, he has moderated and lectured in events such as Digital Book World in the U.S., China’s First World Conference of Digital Publications and South Africa’s Digital Technologies Summit. Currently, he works for Word Audio Publishing International (Sweden), which publishes audiobooks.

Cory Verner of the U.S. is the founder of ONE Audiobooks. He has been publishing and producing Christian audiobooks since 2003. Cory co-founded christianaudio and in 2004, which sold its first audiobook as a download when the market was more than 90 percent cassettes.

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