Keys to Publishing a Youth Magazine

In this webinar we’ll cover the key concepts for publishing a magazine for youth:
1. Identify a specific, primary target reader.
Like every other product, the more specific the better. Who is your audience?
2. What does the magazine hope to achieve?
3. Stability takes time. Magazine publishing is capital intensive and creates a regular expectation in your readers. There’s a minimum number of copies that you must print to break even, yet the sales may not match up. Consistency develops trust with the readership. It takes time to become stable.
4. Get professional help in design and editorial. Most people who are knowledgeable in one area may not necessarily be gifted with editorial or design skills.
5. Think through an effective mode of distribution unique to your target readers.
6. Sustainability usually comes from providing a service besides the magazine sales. Many periodicals earn their income either from advertisements or provision of a service associated with the magazine.
7. Hit your deadlines without fail: release dates are key for any periodical.

John Gathuku is the founder and director of TIMAZI, a Kenya-based high-school student ministry with a special focus in publishing discipleship resources for English-speaking Africa. Timazi Magazine is the flagship publication that he and his wife, Maggie, started 10 years ago. Maggie is the editor of the growing magazine, currently in 346 high schools across Kenya. John has 16 years of experience with teens and youth ministry and has been a speaker in national student conferences in Zambia, Sierra Leonne, Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya.

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