How to Turn Your Pastor’s Sermons into Books: Led by Mauricio Zagari

You can create excellent books from your  pastor´s sermons. In this webinar, you will learn how to: 1) publish worthy sermon material; 2) acquire the material and develop a close working relationship with your pastor; 3) do text editing and revision with the pastor; and 4) help with the production and marketing of the book.

Maurício Zágari is the founder and publisher of GodBooks Publishing House. He is a theologian, author, editor, journalist, and biblical commentator. Mauricio received the Areté Awards (Brazillian main award for Christian books) as “Revelation Author of the Year” and “Best Fiction Book” for the book The Enigma of the Gutenberg Bible and for “Best Meditation, Prayer and Communion Book” for Unshakable TrustHe is the author of 12 books and attends Botafogo Methodist Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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