How to Organize and Nurture a Local Christian Writers’ Group

A writers’ group provides a publisher with a platform to nurture and shape content that impacts the community while empowering its members with a competitive advantage.  The writers become informed of their industry, gain a sense of security and trust, meet fellow writers for mutual support, and step back from busy lives for refreshment on their writing journey. Join us to learn from Muthoni Mercy Omukhango of CLC Kenya.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • To manage a successful and financially sustainable writers’ group
  • The importance of serving your writers
  • Technology that can enable you to automate your communication to the group
  • The importance of innovating instead of reinventing the wheel
  • To evaluate the value of bringing like-minded partners on board

Muthoni Mercy Omukhango is the business development manager and head of publishing at CLC Kenya, where she has served since 2009. Muthoni has been actively involved in the book industry, business management and analysis for over ten years. She has been instrumental in setting up book programs, a publishing arm and an authors club in Kenya. She holds a BA in Finance & Banking, diplomas in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Publishing & Kingdom Ministries, and certificates in Finance and Business Analysis. She has authored four books: Back on My Feet; A Girl’s Fathers; Too Busy to Be Effective; and Jesus Killed My Business.

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