How to Build Characters with Dynamic Traits

Build interesting, believable, fallible, and lovable characters for your short story, novel, or screenplay by using Dynamic Character Traits. Get inspired by designing character traits that are not a fixed attribution, but rather an axis where the character moves, as the story unfolds.

Balázs Zágoni is the author of 14 fiction and non-fiction books written for children and young adults. For his book “The Sphere – Black Light Series 1” (“A Gömb – Fekete Fény 1”) in 2019, he won the Best Young Adult Fiction Prize in in Hungary and other two prizes in Romania. For nine years, he was CEO of Koinonia, a Christian publishing house based in Cluj, Romania. He has also served as a trustee for MAI-Europe. Balázs took part as a trainer in different MAI trainings in Romania and Italy.

He has a DLA in film and, as an assistant professor at the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj he teaches courses on screenwriting and creative writing. He lives in Cluj, Romania, with his wife and three teenage children.

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