How can a Christian publisher become financially sustainable?

Learn from publishing veteran Marcos Simas of Brazil how to make your Christian publishing  financially sustainable.

You’ll learn how to think “outside the box” in a conversation focused on examining your business model, then developing practical and simple strategies for your publishing. We’ll cover these points:

1) be creative and innovative
2) be visionary and a researcher
3) be organized: plan, plan and plan
4) be focused: niches, competition and the difference
5) be careful with your team
6) be vigilant with costs: editorial and production
7) be careful with inventory
8) be astute with cash flow
9) be wise with profit

Marcos Simas is a 28-year veteran of the Brazilian publishing industry.  He has served as both acquisition editor and managing editor for Christian and secular publishers (book and magazine). He has recently worked as a rights and acquisition consultant.  Marcos is also a frequent speaker on Christian publishing at Brazilian events, including as professor in the MBA Book publishing course at Casa Educacao, as well as ECPA’s Publishing University.  Marcos has a BA in Theology and an MA in Religious Studies. He is also a PhD candidate in Religion/Religious Studies. He covers all Spanish and Portuguese rights management for Mosaic Rights Management.

Photo by Tbel Abuseridze on Unsplash

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Apr 09 2019


08:00 AM

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