Editorial Planning with Mei Wong

Our February 22 webinar on Editorial Planning will address key questions including:

  • How do you go about planning for your book titles for the coming fiscal year (or beyond)?
  • What are the critical factors you would need to consider?
  • In which new titles (or topics or categories) would you invest? How sure are you of their success?
  • What process do you follow in making those decisions?
  • What about your backlist titles? Should they be given attention, too?

Leading our webinar is Mei Wong, managing director of Armour Publishing Pte Ltd based in Singapore. Ms. Wong began her publishing career as a staff writer and editor at Longman and later worked at Pearson Education for 25 years covering Malaysia and Singapore. She held key roles as general manager, managing director, and president/director in major educational publishing entities in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. She completed her MBA in the U.S.


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