New Ways to Share Good News

How can you expand your reach effectively beyond the Church during Covid19? Many people are considering their mortality in light of the pandemic. We’ll explore creative ways to share the hope of Christ, including QR code tracts, books, leaflets, music, videos and even tele-counseling.

George Koshy is a journalist and a feature writer for several secular journals in Kerala, South India. He has written 32 books and lyrics for 170 hymns. He has conducted investigative Bible study tours more than 30 times to Israel, and his book on the Holy Land is an outstanding travelogue. George regularly appears on Christian TV talk shows and anchors several popular programs. He is a former MAI-Asia Trustee and trains writers. A recipient of several literary awards, George is currently penning his dream manuscript on the life of Christ, explaining the socio-cultural background of the Bible.

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