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Whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating an impression. People are constantly evaluating and interpreting your work, your relevance to them and the value you offer by what you intentionally – and unintentionally – share. “Your writer brand communicates what makes your work unique, and represents an implied promise to your readers of what they can expect you to consistently deliver” (K. Grabas). 

A well defined brand:

  • Gives clarity and direction to your writing
  • Enables you to build an emotional connection with, and attract a targeted audience of readers.
  • Guides and enhances your use of social media
  • Increases the reach and effectiveness of your  ministry

This webinar will impress on you the need to be deliberate in developing your unique identity as a writer, and will show you the first steps to take to create your writer brand. Learn from two successful writers and professional coaches: Jennifer Karina, a psychologist and author from Kenya, and Hankuri Tawus Gaya, youth pastor and campus missionary from Nigeria. Moderated by Barine Kirime of Kenya.

Jennifer Karina is a Counselling Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Anchor Relationship Network, a personal and professional development agency which partners with institutions in Corporate Wellness and Talent Development. She was a recipient of the World Women Leadership Achievement Award (2015) in recognition of her valuable contribution to society and industry. She is the author of Marriage Built to Last.

Hankuri Tawus Gaya  is a dynamic youth pastor, campus missionary and a certified professional coach and mentor. He is passionate about challenging “Just One Soul” to become all that God has created them to be and making the world God’s dream place. In writing, he is passionate about sharing the African story with unique focus on youth and students to the global community. He has written 21 books. Hankuri presently serves as an Area Director and Strategic Plan Officer with Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), the IFES Movement in Nigeria, and as a National Facilitator with Langham Preaching, Nigeria.

Barine Kirimi is a Trustee of MAI-Africa and Global Publishing Development Coordinator for the United Bible Societies, with more than 20 years’ experience in publishing, capacity building and strategic consulting. He has a passion for training writers and publishers and is the founding director of the Publishing Institute of Africa, a capacity building organization for writers and publishers.

Register now for Wednesday, 21 October, 6-7:00 p.m. Eastern Africa Time.


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