A Writer’s Journey from Idea to Publication with Babu Verghese and Sneha Mathews

Where do ideas for writing projects come from? How much effort goes into research? How do you overcome writing hurdles? How do you keep going? What is the role of the editor? Be inspired and encouraged by the experiences of Babu Verghese, the author, and his daughter Sneha Mathew, his editor. This prolific father-and-daughter team in Mumbai, India, has partnered for nearly 20 years to create ground-breaking, life-transforming books in the world’s second largest nation of 1.4 billion.
Dr. Babu K. Verghese is a journalist, historian, and author of 15 books, including the magnum opus Let There Be India: Impact of the Bible on Nation Building. An inspirational speaker, he has lectured in over 30 countries. He lives with his wife Elsy in Mumbai, India.
Sneha Thangam Mathew is a freelance editor involved in developmental editing of conversion stories and institutional biographies. She lives in Mumbai with her husband Shim and daughter Anna.



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